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  • TraderForex : The Online Forex Market

    TraderForex : The Online Forex Market

    A forex news and analysis web site, Trader Forex allows traders, experienced as well as beginners, to find all the necessary information for trading so they can evolve with ease in the financial markets. 

    The site puts at your disposal numerous forex resources with the Forex Basics that constitute an enlightened introduction to online forex, and the Forex Bible which presents the primary currencies and their rates of exchange as well as the major central banks to guide you through the world of forex. 

    You will also discover technical analyses, market videos, live market access with all the currencies, euro, dollars, pounds sterling, yen, their price quotes, their rates of exchange, and a presentation of the primary online brokers as well as a forex events calendar.

    The Trader Forex newsletters will allow experienced and new traders to monitor  exchange market news as well as the newest developments in the Trader Forex web site.

Foreign Exchange Market

  • Introduction To the Foreign Exchange

    Introduction To the Foreign Exchange

    The Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the over-the-counter market (that is to say between traders that are not subject to a “regulated” market) on which currencies of the entire world are exchanged; currencies list the ones according to others in the form of crosses.

    Today, the Forex is the world first financial market;  the medium daily volume of transactions (about $ 3500 billion) represents three times the one of the shares and futures markets got together. As it develops during the resignation of the fixity of exchange rates of several currencies between each other, (with the gold standard as a reference) in 1974, the Forex as a market determines the evolution of the parity of all the currency crosses including the floating rate one.

    The most exchanged currencies in the world are the Dollar (USD: 43% of the sales and purchases), the Euro (EUR: 19%), the Japanese Ten (JPY: 8.5%), the Pound sterling (GBP: 7.5%), the Swiss Franc (CHF: 3.5%); Australian Dollar (AUD) and the Canadian Dollar (CAD). 


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